What We Do

The Kathryn R. Nelson Memorial Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to brightening the days of cancer warriors and others undergoing hardship.  We are a 100% volunteer organization and 100% of donations go to the families we are trying to help.

These are some of our current projects:

Help newly diagnosed cancer warriors set up a free blog or facebook page so they can direct their families and friends to their blog for information about how treatment is going.  Cancer is a rollercoaster.  Two steps forward, one step back.  Friends and family would love to stay up do date. But keeping them updated is sometimes a long and exhausting process in and of itself.  Especially when news is hard.  A blog can help loved ones stay updated without the cancer warrior having to repeat themselves hundreds of times-- especially when news is hard.  They can simply post to one place and update everyone at once.  It's also a great way for people to show their support by leaving comments and encouraging notes to the cancer warrior on the site.

Family Portraits
We work with local photographers to help families get pictures taken soon after diagnosis.   Cancer treatments change your body.  And in our case-- the fight didn't go as we had hoped.  Pictures are one thing we wish we had more of-- family pictures with our mom! Individual and all together! We encourage and help families to get pictures as soon after diagnosis as possible!

Children's Hospital Events
We host events for cancer warriors at local children's hospitals where we give away dress up clothes, art supplies, toys, and crafts.  Our hope is that we can help the cancer warriors forget about being "The Sick Kid," if only for a couple hours!

Chemo Care Kits
We give chemo care kits to local cancer warriors newly diagnosed.  Included are mints, gum, blankets, slippers, movie rental gift cards, itunes gift cards, a journal, chapstick, etc

Before major surgery or during chemotherapy treatments, we will organize hot meals to be delivered as often as is helpful.  We will also deliver a freezer full of frozen meals the family can use so they can focus on other things during these hard times.

Maid Services
Due to a compromised immune system, cleanliness and germs are a bigger factor for our cancer warriors than ever! But at the same time, cancer treatment zaps energy and motivation which make staying on top of the cleaning hard, if not impossible. We try to help provide maid services for those that can't afford it while undergoing chemo.

Lawn Services
Sometimes things like lawn work are just one more thing to do.  We try to help provide lawn services to those that need it during chemotherapy.

 Prepaid Date Nights
Cancer is expensive.  Emotionally, financially, physically.  We like to provide prepaid date nights for families undergoing chemo treatments in the hopes that they can get out of the house and do something fun together-- without worrying about the cost.

End of Chemo Celebrations
At the end of chemotherapy treatments, we like to sponsor a celebration for family and friends of local cancer warriors!!

Our goal is to offer help in the form of rides, child care, grocery shopping, laundry.  Anything we can do to make the burden lighter.  While others are going about their normal day, cancer often feels like a world in and of itself.  The burden is great.  We want to find ways to lighten it.

Our goal is to be a cheer leader and encourage those fighting the battle as much as we can!  Help them remember they are not alone in this fight!

If you have other ideas-- we would love to hear them! You can email us at info@TheTwentyDollarDifference.com

We can always use donations of the following: costumes and dress up accessories, toys, art supplies, crafts, items for our "chemo care kits," gift cards for prepaid date nights, gift certificates to have family portraits taken and printed, donations for maid  and lawn services, or cash donations to purchase any of these items.  100% of donations are gifted to those families we are trying to help! Thanks for your consideration and help!

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