Commit $20 per month and find a way to help someone else.

Past monthly challenges:
  - Next time you are at the grocery store, pull out an extra $20 cash and tell the cashier to put it towards the purchases of the person behind you in line.

- Next time you pull through the drive thru, ask to pay for the person behind you! Imagine their surprise when they pull up and they are told that it is already paid for.  It just may make the difference in someone's day! :)

- Help a family for Christmas.  Drop off a little bit of money anonymously.  Put it in an envelope, knock on their door and run!

Current Monthly Challenge
- Purchase a gift card and hand it to a perfect stranger or leave it on a friend or neighbor's door.

**We heard back from several of you who tried out these ideas! Awesome experiences! Thank you!
Check back next month for another idea!

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