Kathryn passed away at the young age of 37 after a two year battle with breast cancer.  Her six children at the time of her passing ranged in age from 3 to 15 years old.  The most important thing Kathryn did was to instill in each of her children a legacy of faith, service, love and compassion.  This legacy is alive and strong within her six children.  The Kathryn R. Nelson Memorial Foundation was created to help us continue that wonderful legacy.

Kathryn could always be found doing kind things for those around her.  She epitomized charity.  Thankfully, some of Kathryn's friends collected memories from family and friends and compiled a book about this legacy.   One cannot help but be inspired by the stories of Kathryn's caring and giving spirit that fill the pages of this book.  It is with that spirit that we created this foundation.

In colonial America, hostesses would set a fresh pineapple in the center of their dining table when visitors joined their families in their homes. Visiting was the primary means of entertainment and cultural exchange, so the concept of hospitality was a central element in colonial life. The pineapple, then, symbolized the warmest welcome a hostess could extend to her guests, and then often it also served as the dessert for the meal.

Kathryn embraced the pineapple as a symbol of hospitality and her home was adorned with pineapples. From the door to the pattern on the couch, the symbol of hospitality was both visible and experienced in the Nelson home.

This tradition continues today with Kathryn's children.

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